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DESelect Key Features

Segment ALL your Salesforce Marketing Cloud data with drag-and-drop

Intuitively drag-and-drop any data stored in your Salesforce Marketing Cloud business unit to create highly targeted customer segments.​

Explore customer behavior with data views

Access any sends, opens, clicks,… to better understand what drives customer engagement or even set out to build your own lead scoring model.

Get started immediately with our plug-and-play connector

We will set up DESelect in a matter of minutes for you after which all your data will be immediately accessible and updated in real-time.

Automate your targeting and segmentation processes

Use DESelect-generated data extensions immediately in your campaigns and leverage DESelect-generated SQL query activities for your automations in Automation Studio.

Security & Data Protection

At DESelect, we take security and data protection seriously. That’s why we have implemented ISO-27002 and are GDPR compliant. Read more.