Pricing & Editions

Powerful segmentation capabilities with simple drag-and-drop

DESelect Enable

  • Enable marketers to perform drag-and-drop campaign segmentation independently
  • Fully integrated inside your Salesforce Marketing Cloud environment - including Single-Sign On (SSO)
  • Segment any kind of data extension and join or exclude them as you see fit
  • Automatically create new data extensions - ready to be used for campaign immediately
  • Dynamic date filters, date comparisons, birthday filter
  • Simple deduplication
  • Plug-and-play: Our team will set up DESelect for you within minutes at no additional cost!

Starting at  325€  per month per SFMC account

DESelect Plus

In addition to the features on the left:

  • Segment on transactional data to cross-sell and upsell (using subqueries)
  • Count, get averages, and do other calculations on your data by aggregating information across records
  • Automate your segmentation processes
  • Sort, limit, and group your segmentation results
  • Set field values in newly segmented data extensions manually or based on rules
  • More administrative capabilities, such as history tracking and folder management

DESelect Advanced

In addition to the features on the left:

  • Prio-dedupe: Advanced deduplication based on rules
  • Ensure marketers use the right filters with pre-defined picklist values
  • Approval flows to double check segmentation results
  • Pivot data from segmented data extensions
  • Random sampling which can be based on rules