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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions DESelect

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We created a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about DESelect and included answers below.

Security questions

Is it secure to use DESelect?

Yes. At DESelect, we place a high value on security.

In terms of securing our integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and performing authentication, we follow the Salesforce API integration security guidelines.

In terms of data processing, we only store metadata (data extension names, user name,…) but not actual data (the records within a data extension). That means we are rather “lightweight” from a data processing point of view, as we do not store your actual customer data.

For more information check out our security documentation.

Pricing questions

What is DESelect’s pricing model?

Our pricing is based on 3 factors:
DESelect edition 
– Number of business units in Salesforce Marketing Cloud 
– Number of contacts in Salesforce Marketing Cloud 

Non-profits can enjoy a discount.

Is there a price to pay per user?

No, DESelect can be used by as many users as you like. Admins can decide who gains access.

Questions about DESelect functionality

Support questions (setting up, onboarding, support)

When deploying Salesforce Marketing Cloud, at which stage would it be best to implement DESelect? What are the prerequisites to complete beforehand?

We typically recommend getting started with DESelect towards the end of your implementation project but before doing your first campaign.

Preparing data extensions is an integral part of doing campaigns in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Not having DESelect means you’re going to have to learn about filters, SQL queries, or other workarounds to manage this. In other words, having DESelect from the start will prevent you from having to invest in workarounds that can be challenging to scale and may be abandoned later anyway.

Does DESelect offer training material?

Yes, we offer training for our customers in several ways:
– Customers typically receive a 90 minute personalized onboarding webinar training. During this session, we provide slides covering DESelect features and can review your specific segmentation scenarios and how to use DESelect to get the results you want.
– The training deck used during onboarding sessions is also publicly available.
– We have a publicly available support portal.
– Customers and partners with demo accounts can also be provided with a demo data package that can be used to train. Our support portal contains several scenarios based on this package to get acquainted with different features.
– We continue to share best practices and thought leadership on our blog.

Do you offer customer support?

Yes, customers get access to email support. Our response times are less than 24 hours for any case opened.

During the first 1-2 months after onboarding, customers can also expect hyper care. This means that, when you have a specific question about how to do a certain selection given your data model, they can contact customer support as well to ask for advice and guidance.

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