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Empower Marketers

“DESelect empowers marketers to query and segment their data with ease and without reliance on IT, and puts data back in the hands of marketers, right where it belongs!”

Eliot Harper
Salesforce Marketing Cloud MVP, Author
A Dream to Use

“It was a dream to use last week! I put a stopwatch on and it took 4m20s to do a query that normally takes my colleague an hour!” Read Aisling’s story.

Aisling Miller
Aisling Louise Miller
Senior Digital Marketing Executive, Cambridge University Press
Huge Time Saver

“DESelect really speeds up selecting the right data in Marketing Cloud. Wish we had this when we first started using Marketing Cloud!”


Michiel van Gaalen
Salesforce Consultant, KLM
Targeted Segments on the Fly

“Segmentation for our marketing campaigns used to be a time-consuming task. DESelect allows us to easily build a list of targeted segments, which saves considerable amounts of time!” Read Juliette’s Press story.

Juliette pic
Juliette Ouchouche
CRM Analyst, Cambridge University Press
Solved the Business Need Perfectly

“It was a pleasure working with the folks at DESelect; their product and service are top notch and solved the business need perfectly. ” Read Dennis’ story.

Dennis Queally
Associate Director of Marketing Operations, Practicing Law Institute
Requires Minimal Training

“DESelect is user-friendly and has a non-threatening interface. It’s so easy to use that even junior team members are able to use it with minimal training. What used to be a long, arduous, expensive process now only takes minutes. We’re so glad we discovered DESelect!”

Jenn Eagle Roadshow
Jenn Eagle
Email Marketing Specialist, Roadshow Films

See DESelect for yourself

Great reviews


“A great tool that has saved us from hours of manual segmentation!”
– Aisling Miller, Senior Digital Marketing Executive,
Cambridge University Press


“A MUST have segmentation tool for Marketing cloud users!”
– Praveen Singh, Solution Architect,
Digital Aquila

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Customer success stories

Cambridge University Press

Over 50% time saved on data management and no more SQL queries in 1 month

An internal Data Manager (senior technical resource) would spend 50% of her time on preparing different data sources for campaigns through SQL queries and Excel. 

Marketers were not able to segment independently and had to rely on technical resources to write SQL queries for them.

The Data Manager only spends 10% of her time anymore on preparing data for campaigns by using DESelect instead of writing SQL queries.

A SQL query that used to take an hour to write can now be created with drag-and-drop segmentation in less than 5 minutes.

Junior Marketers (even graduates) are able to segment with minimal training.

Read the full story here.


Read reviews on G2 here.

Aisling Miller

“It was a dream to use! I put a stopwatch on and it took 4m20s to do a query that normally takes my colleague an hour!” – Aisling Miller, Senior Digital Marketing Executive

“Segmentation for our marketing campaigns used to be a time-consuming task. DESelect allows us to easily build a list of targeted segments, which saves considerable amounts of time!” – Juliette Ouchouche, CRM Analyst

Canceled all investments in SQL training and reached full user adoption in 1 month

PLI planned SQL training for all their marketing resources during their Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation project with mixed feelings.

They worked under the assumption that the Data & Analytics team would need to provide support for many campaigns.

PLI canceled all the lined up SQL training, saving considerable investment.

They had a very fast onboarding on Salesforce Marketing Cloud and improved user adoption.

Their marketers are now able to work independently without having to rely on their Data & Analytics colleagues by using DESelect as part of their standard campaign process, as illustrated by the adoption graph below:

Graph # of Selections created using DESelect

“It was a pleasure working with the folks at DESelect; their product and service are top-notch and solved the business need perfectly.” –
Dennis Queally, Associate Director of Marketing Operations

“We are very impressed with DESelect’s capabilities” – Gary Ma, Director of Data & Analytics

Read the full story here.

National Car Manufacturer and Distributor

Marketers only spend 20% on data now instead of 40% before

Initial state:
Marketers are spending 40% of their time on campaign data preparation: Creating data extensions, filtering, importing/exporting data, cleaning up data in Excel, excluding/suppressing contacts from campaigns, using the FTP, using an external tool for complex segmentation and prioritization rules,…

Marketers are often dependent on external resources to write SQL queries to prepare campaign data.

Marketers report frustration due to poor user experience.

After recommended analysis:
Marketers spend only 20% of their time on campaign data preparation.

Marketers are no longer dependent on external resources to prepare campaign data.

Consequently, campaign lead time (the time it takes to launch a campaign from scratch) is at least 20% faster (and often much more).

Marketers report a pleasant user experience and increased satisfaction with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Graph of faster campaign cycle using DESelect for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

“It is important to note that the observed company has a rather extensive campaign selection process. However, during other client engagements we have observed that a time spent of 20-40% on campaign selections is common across different industries.”

Get the case study here.

Village Roadshow Films logo

Drag-and-drop segmentation by marketers instead of dependence on SQL expertise in 1 month

Marketers were dependent on an external technical resource to come in and write SQL queries and help set up data extensions in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. 

This would cause delay in their overall campaign process and resulted in sub-optimal user adoption.

Marketers are able to segment independently using drag-and-drop segmentation provided by DESelect straight within Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

They do not need to rely on SQL expertise anymore.

Jenn Eagle Roadshow

“DESelect is user-friendly and has a non-threatening interface. It’s so easy to use that even junior team members are able to use it with minimal training. What used to be a long, arduous, expensive process now only takes minutes. We’re so glad we discovered DESelect!” – Jenn Eagle, Email Marketing Specialist

How marketing automation can save 50% of your time?

Learn how marketers lose up to 20% of their time and how they can win it back!


Enjoy Salesforce Marketing Cloud without SQL queries

Salesforce Marketing Cloud often turns out more technical than expected. We will help you drive user adoption and increase user satisfaction.

Spend 50% less on data management

Managing data can be laborious and often requires technical or external resources to manage. We will enable your team and drive efficiency, resulting in a lowered cost.

Launch campaigns at least 20% faster

With Marketing teams that can work more independently, a lot of communication overhead will be gone and less time will be wasted on manual work.

Learn about benefits

When to start

Connecting DESelect early on will help you manage expectations

Companies starting with marketing automation can find themselves go through the “marketing automation hype cycle” – a rollercoaster of expectations with regards to expected results.

When these companies start launching their first campaigns they begin to understand the challenges accompanying their chosen technology and may have to adjust expectations.

With DESelect, we help you manage and live up to those expectations. 

Marketing automation hype cycle

Start now

DESelect Key Features

Segment ALL your Salesforce Marketing Cloud data with drag-and-drop

Intuitively drag-and-drop any data stored in your Salesforce Marketing Cloud business unit to create highly targeted customer segments.​

Explore customer behavior with data views

Access any sends, opens, clicks,… to better understand what drives customer engagement or even set out to build your own lead scoring model.

Get started immediately with our plug-and-play connector

We will set up DESelect in a matter of minutes for you after which all your data will be immediately accessible and updated in real-time.

Automate your targeting and segmentation processes

Use DESelect-generated data extensions immediately in your campaigns and leverage DESelect-generated SQL query activities for your automations in Automation Studio.

Security & Data Protection

At DESelect, we take security and data protection seriously. That’s why we have implemented ISO-27002 and are GDPR compliant. Read more.

From the creators of the SFMC Quick Search

The free Chrome Extension to find objects in SFMC

SFMC Quick Search
SFMC Quick Search

Get started right away and quickly find your:

  • Data Extensions
  • Email Templates
  • User Sends
  • Content
  • Automations
  • Query Activities
  • Filter Definitions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy from you?

DESelect was founded by people with deep Salesforce Marketing Cloud expertise and who kept running into the same challenges you are probably experiencing yourself. We are like you… just with a solution.

Who are you?

We used to lead major Marketing Automation and CRM projects for established brands. As such, we believe we bring some unique insights to the table. Our team consists of former consultants, people specialized in Salesforce Marketing Cloud through experience and constant learning, and highly specialized technologists.

What happens if I wait?

You are likely to experience a competitive disadvantage due to the cruciality of marketing data today. 

At DESelect, we know that managing marketing data is time-consuming and often dependent on technical expertise (cost factor) yet can easily go wrong and is sensitive to increasingly stringent legislation (risk factor). Less obvious – though arguably most important – is the opportunity cost associated with sub-optimal targeting and personalized in a time where customers’ buying decisions are heavily influenced by their customer experience (revenue factor).

What results will I actually get?

Ask yourself: “How much time do I, my team, and anyone else involved currently spend on data management (discussions about data, creating data extensions, writing SQL queries,…)?” We find we can save our customers 50% on that – sometimes less, sometimes more. As a consequence, our customers are also able to launch campaigns 20% faster (or more, since fewer people may be involved in the process causing less overhead).

Then ask yourself: “Am I currently doing marketing as targeted as I could?” Many of our customers find themselves exploring more targeted and personalized campaigns with DESelect, because the threshold is suddenly much lower. This typically results in higher conversion rates and better marketing ROI (return on investment).

Are you secure?

At DESelect, we place a high value on security. 

In terms of securing our integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and performing authentication, we follow the Salesforce API integration security guidelines.

In terms of data processing, we only store metadata (data extension names, user name,…) but no actual data (the records within a data extension). That means we are rather “lightweight” from a data processing point of view, as we do not store your actual customer data.

Read more about security at DESelect here.

How are you priced?

Our pricing is flexible and correlates to the added-value we can bring to you.

Our pricing is based on 3 factors:
1) The DESelect edition you want.
2) The number of business units you want DESelect connected to in your Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
3) The number of contacts in your Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Non-profits can also enjoy a 50% discount.

Is there a price to pay per user?

No, DESelect can be used by as many users as you like. Admins can decide who gains access

Is there a limit to the amount of “selections” (segments, queries,...) I can make with DESelect or is this associated with a cost?

No. Users can make as many selections as they want. We do not charge based on utilization.

When deploying Salesforce Marketing Cloud, at which stage would it be best to implement DESelect? What are the prerequisites to complete beforehand?

We typically recommend getting started with DESelect towards the end of your implementation project but before doing your first campaign.

Preparing data extensions is an integral part of doing campaigns in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Not having DESelect means you’re going to have to learn about filters, SQL queries, or other workarounds to manage this. Having DESelect from the start will prevent you from having to invest in such skills or workarounds that can be challenging to scale and may be abandoned later anyway.

Does DESelect offer training material?

Yes, we offer training for our customers in several ways:

  • Customers typically receive a 2 hour personalized onboarding webinar training. During this session, we provide slides covering DESelect features and can review your specific segmentation scenarios and how to use DESelect to get the results you want.
  • The training deck used during onboarding sessions is also publicly available.
  • We have a publicly available support portal.
  • Customers and partners with demo accounts can also be provided with a demo data package that can be used to train. Our support portal and YouTube channel contain several scenarios based on this package to get acquainted with different features.

We continue to share best practices and thought leadership on our blog.

Do you offer customer support?

Yes, customers get access to email support. Our response times are less than 24 hours for any case opened.

During the first 1-2 months after onboarding, customers can also expect hyper care. This means that, when you have a specific question about how to do a certain selection given your data model, they can contact customer support as well to ask for advice and guidance.

Are you GDPR-compliant?

Yes, at DESElect we take data protection seriously.

Read more about data protection at DESelect here.